Alchemist’s Workshop

It is here where everything is created, everything is transformed, and finally everything finds its soul: projects, objects, but also daydreams, frustrations … in short, an artist’s life with its ups and downs! It all starts with research on the subject of my collection or the personality of a future client.

Like a stylist, a blank page fills with references, photos, choice of stone, template sheets, sketches until I feel that I am on the right track, that I have entered what will be .
Then comes the time of realization. I choose my tools as I choose my decor elements: with care, patience and enthusiasm.


It’s a bit like an orchestra, each machine produces a sound that will create the jewel, the melody. The grinder shapes shapes and gives shine, tweezers and shears cut and twist the material to give it a new direction, the torch marries metals to no longer disunite, the Dremel precise and details forms and movements, anvils and hammers sing on the plates and wires to give them life.Recently, I have created a “boudoir” space: sofas, armchairs, plants and other decorative elements contribute to the development of the collections.
The visual is very important for me, my mind gallops faster!

The music is omnipresent, it is heard as soon as the lights of the studio come out, as an invitation to immerse myself fully in the creation. All these spaces in the space are as many alcoves participating in the conceptualization and the creation of the Altisfàin collection. Like the alchemist and his magic powders, a clever mix takes place and the jewels are born ….

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Random quote

Il n’y a pas que l’argent dans la vie, il y a aussi les fourrures et les bijoux.

— Elizabeth Taylor