Altisfáin speaks of alchemy, I would even say quintessence.
The name is already an alliance:
– Altis, contraction of altissima, Latin term meaning high, speaks of supreme, strong emotions, full personality,
– Fáin, contraction of fáinne, the Celtic term meaning ring, tells my love the jewel but also my commitment already taken for a long time: that of creating ornaments, objects that can reveal the part of light and shade of each.

The collections address various themes that reveal by their aesthetics and their name an aspect of their assumed or more intimate personality.
Tales, Legends, historical or fictional characters, Sins and Virtues, Tarot Blades, etc. are all subjects that invite imagination, curiosity and reveal his passions.
Even the leaves, the chosen gems have their language, their symbolic and are an element of self-understanding.
Alchemy, the alliance of the sublime, the supreme and the true, is what makes up the universe of Altisfain.

It is this quintessence, this subtle and pure form that I seek, whether in the collections but also and especially in the creation of personalized jewelry.
The search for perfect harmony, a jewel that looks like us, that speaks of itself, in all our facets.

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Toute beauté remarquable a quelque bizarrerie dans ses proportions.

— Aurélien Scholl