Artist’s Memory

Overview of what inspires me, makes me vibrate and animates my life as a creative woman. I think that Proust’s questionnaire is a great introspection tool and a nice game between yourself and yourself!

My favorite virtue: the imperfections we know how to look with tenderness.

The main feature of my character: the roller coaster!

The quality I prefer in men: the one I did not grasp at first.

The quality I prefer in women: the one I have not discovered yet at home.

My main fault: the sometimes hard look that I put on me.

My main quality: my face can not hide anything from his emotions.

What I appreciate most about my friends: their energy and the soft look they pose on me.

My favorite occupation: dream, oh yes, all the time, without stopping.

What would be my greatest misfortune: to have lead shoes.

What I would like to be: the best of myself.

The country where I would like to live: New Zealand, by chance …

The color I prefer: one that reflects my mood of the day.

The flower that I prefer: jasmine, it is all seasons!

The bird that I prefer: the one that is free, no cage, no obstacle …

my favorite authors in prose: Jean Teulé for these cruel anecdotes of history.

My favorite poets: Baudelaire for his despair, Rimbaud for his fervor and his illuminations.

My heroes in fiction: Hercule Poirot for his ridiculous preciosity, Bilbo for his wisdom and simplicity.

My favorite heroines in fiction: Irene Adler for her heady femininity and incisive intelligence, I work on her jewel, so she has my preference right now.

My favorite composers: Mozart for his genius and his musical frenzy, Lully for his sometimes sententious compositions, Vivaldi for the third movement of the summer and the first movement of winter, Prokofief for his Romeo and Juliet and his Pierre and the Wolf .
And many others…

My favorite painters: Van Gogh for these jerky and intense movements, Monet for his bucolic reveries, Klimt for his languid embraces and his mastery of gold, Camille Claudel, I do not tire of his body poetry!
And many others…

My heroes in real life: those who do not try to be

My favorite heroines in real life: I have friends in gold 😉

My heroes in history: Cleopatra for her ambitions, Boadicea for her independence mixing the Celtic tradition, all those who have taken their destiny into their own hands, even in a tragic and fanatical way.

What I hate most: the tasteless.

The historical character that I despise the most: he does not deserve that one lingers there or that one names it, that is the contempt.

The historical facts that I most despise: any attempt to alienate a person, a people, a current of thought, etc.

The military thing I value most: resilience.

The gift of nature that I would like to have: to be photogenic!

How I would like to die: dreaming, how I love to live!

The present state of my mind: clear sky but clouds can appear!

The fault that inspires me the most indulgence: those who are assumed or sincerely regretted.

My motto
“The most beautiful day is the one that enlighten me.”
“Nobody’s perfect”, in English, a rather aristocratic flavor!

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Random quote

Sans un regard de femme, que vaut la peine des hommes ?

— Gaston Bachelard