Collier inox “les Passages Célestes: la Complainte d’ Orphée” Labradorite


Collier esprit elfique et celtique, serti Labradorite.

Infiniment mystique et onirique!

Elven and Celtic spirit necklace, set with Labradorite.

Infinitely mystical and dreamlike!

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Orpheus had received the wonderful gift of music from his mother, so the gods gave him a lyre. Since then, he played the instrument according to his desires or his melancholy, to the great pleasure of those around him.

The poet had no enemies, not even wild beasts: charmed, they always ended up lying at his feet. Of course, no young girl could resist the tender and soothing notes that Orpheus gave birth to, but none found favor in his eyes, until the day he met the captivating Eurydice. Their love was so deep and pure that they quickly decided to get married. But this happiness was short-lived.

The wedding was a celebration for all the guests, everyone rejoicing in the happiness of the young couple. But while she was taking the air with her friends, Eurydice was bitten by a snake, and in the meadow echoed the cries of the frightened young girls.

Soon, Orpheus reached his beloved, unconscious. The young man’s face was transformed; he could not let any tears or cries escape, his pain was so great. How could he lose his wife on their wedding day? And how could he live without the one he loved with passion?

This idea was unbearable to him, so he decided to go down to the Underworld – the Kingdom of the dead – to bring back his beloved.

The Underworld was populated by terrifying creatures, all subject to Hades, the god of the depths of the Earth. It was he who ruled over the dead, forbidding anyone who entered his kingdom from leaving alive. This god was so terrible that the living did not even dare to pronounce his name! The entrance to his kingdom was guarded by Cerberus. Some say he had three heads, others fifty, and still others more than a hundred! This terrible dog remained chained in front of the gate of Hell to terrify the souls who sought to enter. But Orpheus had no trouble softening the monster… A simple melody was enough to put him to sleep, and he was able to pass through the door without worry.

What he discovered next was not very encouraging: the Underworld was a dark world, where large bottomless rivers flowed, a world where the menacing Erinyes sowed discord, terrorized and punished as they pleased… But Orpheus was never worried . He progressed, protected by the sound of his lyre, and soon saw the palace of Hades and his wife Persephone appear. He entered without fear and presented himself before the gods. ” What are you doing here ? » asked Hades in his loud voice. Then, in response, Orpheus sang an incredibly sad song. The notes of his lyre filled all the rooms of the palace, at first soft and melancholic, then strong and vibrant, similar to the poet’s pain. The whole thing, of course, was so enchanting that the infernal deities were appeased…

Hades and Persephone agreed to let Eurydice go. But they put a condition on it: as long as he was in the Kingdom of the dead, Orpheus would not seek to see the one he had come to seek. The young man agreed with joy and set off, followed by his young wife. Orpheus quickly saw daylight: they were finally going to leave the Underworld. But, while he thought of the happiness that awaited them, the young man forgot his promise, and he turned around to contemplate his beloved… To his greatest misfortune, because the young girl immediately fell back into the abyss. Orpheus had seen Eurydice for the last time! The poor boy was in despair. He tried again to convince Hades to return his beloved to him. But he didn’t get a second chance; the god remained indifferent to his supplications. The poet then retired to an isolated place where he sang his sorrow. And no young girl could ever console him.

Stainless steel necklace with Art Nouveau and elven atmosphere set with faceted Labradorite.

Cabochon of very good quality oval shape, blue, green and golden hues and streaked with black.

Articulated choker with winding wires, 40 to 45 cm long, with extension chain ending in an interlacing, to play on the length of the necklace. Dimensions of the cabochon: 4.3 cm by 2.4 cm.

Infinitely elvish and mystical pendant!!

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